Tools for website analytics:

Tracking statistics and interpreting the data is vital for any business. It helps make the right decisions and plays a pivotal role in determining business essentials to achieve success. Whether big or small, businesses deal with aspects such as tracking sales, upcoming orders, stock, expenses and much more to successfully determine if the business is headed in the right direction, and identify what needs to be implemented. One might ask, why it is important for online businesses to track all these numbers. Business success always depends on a combination of efforts such as coming up with innovative ideas, multiple marketing strategies and analysis of different traffic sources.

To truly understand what’s working for your website, a good analytics system is the ideal tool. Businesses can use information gathered from web analytics to maximize revenues from services such as pay-per-click advertising, improve click-through on email campaigns, or even increase your search engine ranking. The possibilities are endless. There are many such tools available for multiple business verticals. Selecting the right tool for your business needs is crucial. Here are some of the preferred and multi-functional tools for site analytics:

Google Analytics:

Probably the most used site analytics tool on the planet is Google Analytics. It gives the most relevant information and the best part is its absolutely free. Google Analytics has a number of great features that can be used effectively to measure data on the website. It is highly recommended to use Google Analytics in cohesion with Google Webmaster tool to get the most out of this tool.

Clicky Analytics:

Ever since its release, Clicky Analytics has been making waves in the Analytics business. The key difference between Clicky and Google is that Clicky offers real time data, which can be vital if there is a spike in the number of visitors to your site from outside sources.

Mint Analytics:

Although not free, Mint Analytics is probably the only company that offers its services for just an upfront fee per site, without any recurring charges. This new entry has a fresh and innovative layout, with clear and easy to understand charts that displays the required information.


Kiss Metrics is popular among many for its services and its informative blogs as well. KissMetrics is a great system to get to know website visitors. In conjunction with KissInsights, the tools provided here are most definitely suited for commerce business sites.

Spring Metrics:

Spring Metrics has taken the analytics tool and made it simpler to use. Users don’t have to be professional data miners to get their questions about site analytics answered. Spring metrics is packed with features that include: real-time conversion analytics, top converting sources, keyword analytics, landing-page analysis, e-mail performance reports and simple point-and-click configuration.


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