Essential Google Chrome extensions for productivity:

Here is a list of essential google chrome extensions available on the google web store for users to increase their productivity.


Pocket is the perfect Chrome extension available on the store for viewing all online articles, even when the user is offline. With a single click, users can save webpages for offline reading. It is especially useful for students who can save their reading material for easy access.


Gestures allows users to bound customized gestures for any advanced function they can think of such as closing selected tabs only. Users can simply hold down the right click button on the mouse or touchpad and activate the Gesture to perform the action.

Panic button:

Panic button is a very handy extension available on the chrome web store. With just a click of a button, it allows users to hide all open tabs, saving them as temporary bookmarks for easy retrieval. A key board shortcut can also be assigned to perform this task even faster.


Dayboard helps users from forgetting the important tasks needed to be completed during that day. Every time the user opens a new tab, the list of tasks will be displayed, which acts as a constant reminder so that the user can be focused on work.


Having a number of tabs open can drain the systems memory causing operations to slow down. OneTab offers the ideal solution to fix this problem. By clicking on the OneTab icon, all the open tabs will be organized into a list so that user can easily recall any tab when needed.


Note Board is the prefect extension for users looking to keep track of their ideas as and when they get them. The ideas are displayed in the form of digital sticky notes that can be pinned to the board. There are five boards arranged side by side and the ideas can be saved in the form of text, images and can be drawn directly on the note as well.


Ghostery is a chrome extension that allows users to keep their browsing sessions and other details private. Users can block scripts and documents from any third party they don’t trust. It is the ideal extension that protects the user’s privacy over the internet.

Print Friendly:

Before printing out web pages, users need to clean it up a bit by removing ads and other unwanted webpage elements. Print Friendly make this job easier for the user who just needs to click a single button for the extension to display the web page in a print friendly format.

Sortd smart skin for Gmail:

Generally there are a number of unwanted emails cluttering the inbox of many users. Going through all of them to find one important email is mainly time consuming for users. Sortd smart skin for Gmail offers a number of options for users that include organizing mails based on user’s preferences, group mails, highlighting, and even add noted to keep everything as organized as possible.


Installing a lot of extensions can cause the chrome browser to slow down. Although extensions are useful, having the right number is also important. Users can easily manage extensions using SimpleExtManager that provides a dropdown menu to enable/disable extensions, apps and themes.