A for Appalytics

You have a game-changing idea and it could be the next big thing. Though your idea needs to be transformed into a working format where people can use it and revel in its features and in turn making their lives easier. The easiest way to get through to your customers would be a mobile or a web app. People these days can’t part with their smartphones and if there is anything that’d make their lives easier, efficient or productive they’d grab it for sure. There are hundreds of mobile app developers in the market these days. You do get ‘the options’ but how exactly do you choose one to build your dream app? The problem with some mobile app developers are that they develop the app for you, charge a bomb and poof….they’re gone. There’s no after sales support, they won’t provide you analytics. For them, the end product is where they stop their services. The result? Your app gets stuck in a pile or in a deep dark corner of the app store where barely any user will be able to access it.

Here’s where Appalytics come into the picture. We know your app is a dream come true and we make apps successful by providing more than just development. At Appalytics, we excel in multiple domains covering a wide range of technologies including Website development based on Java, Drupal and PHP, Mobile applications development for multiple platforms that include iOS, Android and Blackberry, Augmented Reality services for improved customer experience and Digital marketing solutions to bring your app ideas to life. Our project strategy involves Planned Consulting, Innovative Designing and implementing ideal technical procedures. And it doesn’t stop there either, with our post-development game plan we make sure that your app is well supported and well guided to be the best in the market.

Product Strategy: At Appalytics, we develop the ideal roadmap for the project based on your business model and handle development and deployment for your business solutions as well. Providing the best business solutions for our clients and developing engaging user experience for their customers, our project strategy revolves around integration of the most optimal solutions in all aspects of the business right from planned consulting, to operations, to post developmental services and marketing.

Development: We are driven towards excelling in creating high quality software and technology based products and services for our clients. Whether you are embarking on a new business solution, trying to revive an enterprise mobility project or looking to gain online visibility and increase fan base for your product, we at Appalytics implement innovative designs with developmental procedures in all elements from Back-end as service to secure cross platform development and testing to bring your enterprise conceptions to life. For requirements ranging from Responsive websites to CMS and E-Commerce websites, and from multiplatform mobile applications to post launch marketing solutions, Appalytics can help.

Post Launch Support: Unlike other companies, Appalytics don’t just deliver you a product and turn its back on you. We know why it’s important to you, why it needs to be pushed to the top and we thrive for the same. Appalytics enables you to collect your analytical data put your data into action, providing you the perfect marriage of analytics and marketing, ensuring that your programs are set up for success.

We follow the 5A principle: Ask, Assess, Ascertain, Architect, Actualize and Appalytics. We make beautiful, feature rich apps and we just don’t stop there. We’ll make sure that your app is well supported, well guided to be the best in the market.

Give us a call or send us an E-mail and we’ll get right back. Let’s sit together and build your dream app.